What is it like to plan a wedding during a pandemic?! Well, I could tell you, (and if you hang out on our IG TV channel, I tell you…) but I think it’s best to hear it from those who literally wore the wedding shoes! Last week’s IG Live attempts were a total bust. So, what did we do? We did what we do in 2020, we let go and make a new plan! Amanda & Micheal and I jumped on Zoom and recorded our interview from there. Even then it didn’t go as planned!! But that won’t stop us, thank you, 2020!

The conversation goes beyond just the logistical aspect of survival and more to the heart of how to enjoy the process and the wedding day itself, here are some of the notable areas we touched on:

  • How the couple came to the decision to do a micro wedding instead of postponing the whole day,
  • Things we didn’t expect to be so awesome about the day. (i.e. Dad saying, “Wow, this is like a real wedding!”),
  • How time felt throughout the wedding day and what unexpected enjoyment came from its different vibe,
  • Further proof that priorities really do bring the peace and confidence we hope the will when we put them into practice,
  • The benefits of depending on professionals in areas we’re not the “pro” in is critical in such an unknown time,
  • And other great takeaways from having a tiny, intimate wedding day!

This is an important conversation for those in the throws of deciding what to do with their 2020 wedding plans. Please, come and join the conversation. We hope you are inspired and filled with the same kind of magic that was this amazing wedding day!



To note! All photos from this wedding are by Brandi Toole Photography (associate Matt Lim)

Thanks for joining us as we discover how to do weddings better together.

Love Always,


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