What is The LoveWell Method?

The LoveWell Method is a wedding & marriage planning course for couples.

a couple's Wedding Planning course with Marriage in mind

The Lovewell Method

Why plan a wedding any differently? 
We believe healthy & happy Marriages are possible and powerful, but only if done together.
The average time spent planning a wedding is 12-15 months; that's a lot of time to spend on anything! However, traditional, bride-led Wedding Planning doesn't necessarily bring the couple together, yet, Wedding Planning is the ideal opportunity to build the foundation for a healthy, thriving, world-changing Marriage. Doing it together makes the difference.

The odds of divorce are still 50/50. We are here to set Engaged Couples up for success by building a solid Marriage foundation during the Engagement/Planning process - maybe together we can up the odds for thriving Marriages!

Our mission is to equip couples for a meaningful & stress-less Wedding Planning journey in a way that prepares them to do Marriage well. (Let's not forget having some fun along the way!)

Get Engaged

The Social Scene

1-on-2 Coaching

IGTV Episodes: How-to's; tips & advice, 
practical knowledge and creative solutions
(and some really pretty things for fun!) 

FB: Currently we have a group started for couple's getting married in 2020 and navigating this crazy COVID time. Click here to request to join, we'd love to have you!

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Kate + Couple Coaching Sesh for those who need a pro + a friendly face to guide the way.

Guiding couples through the decision-making process is what a wedding planner does! I'm an open book on our calls, we can just do a bunch of Q&A, we can focus on one issue, or we can do a series of sessions that guide a big area like vision or choosing a venue. No obligation to need any services beyond our sessions, I'm simply here to help. 

no strings attached

starting at $250/session

Let's Connect!

An online course tailored to couples for a fun, productive and innovative way to plan a wedding.

There is literally nothing like this! Get this: Planning a wedding takes a lot of hard work and time, but what if it was made enjoyable, easy and effective? What if the result was less stress, more bonding and a kick*ss wedding?! We think that would be rad too. 


An Online Course +
A Community Page +
Online Coaching Sessions with Kate

$249 per couple

The Course