We just can’t believe it! Lucky number 7 year is here for LoveWell! While I (Kate) had hoped this day would come, I can’t say on June 14th 2010, that I thought this day would actually be here. I remember going in for our DBA, there was no line, there was no one with our business name (the finalize of hundreds I tell you!), and a quick $30 bucks later we were standing outside in excitement, shock and slight disbelief we had just started a business. Lovewell Celebration Design was born.

I knew it was in my future to start a business, but only a year or two earlier, I would have imagined it would have been a theatre company! My life had changed so drastically in a couple years’ time: from professional actress city-hopping, to happily married lady committed to staying local to Syracuse, then realizing a life in the theatre wasn’t likely here, so what career was for me? What could I do with my talents and time that would be creative, challenging and make a difference for people’s lives in some way?

Although not at all what I would have chosen, I realized I was really good at weddings. So, with some education and skill, with a lot of encouragement from people who saw something in me I didn’t, and with the best partner in crime (and everything life), we created a vision for a business and went for it! A couple months later I had my first client’s wedding, one I had helped plan, design and orchestrate. I had a moment all to myself, everything was set up, everything was still, and I was in awe. Two incredible people exchanged vows, their wedding design was exciting and unique, tailored to them, and they enjoyed a mostly-perfect day. It was then I knew we had made the right risk, took the step towards our best future, were meant to be right where we were.

Maya Myers Photography, Syracuse New York Wedding, LoveWell Celebration Design

The whole team was amazing, especially Pure Catering, who gave me our start. Maya Myers was the photographer, who is now so crazy legit, and my old photos do NOT do her work justice (so click on her name and see her amazing work!) And the happy couple are now enjoying parenthood and I’m sure rocking it just as amazingly as their marriage.

And that’s what it all came down to for us: marriage. How do we love people well at a time in their lives that is inundated with chaos, emotion, big change, and the unknown– when it really should be spent preparing for marriage, a new life, a new family? How do we help people start their marriages off with a celebration that speaks their language of love, expresses their story and write the next chapter in their legacy of love?

So 7 years later, we still plan and design weddings (with a LOT more skill and experience!), but now with beautiful photography added to the mix, and have more specifically geared our whole experience to the couple. Because that’s our heartbeat. Creating, capturing, celebrating two people’s lifetime love. And loving well all the while.

We couldn’t celebrate seven years without the amazing support of our family, friends, colleagues, clients and raving fans, nor can we really express our gratitude. But in an effort to show our love, we’re planning something really cool to do throughout our 7th year, something we hope we make big changes in the lives of others and give back to everyone who’s cheering us on along the way. (Stay tuned!)

Love Always, Love Well.



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