So, no big deal, our kid is one. ONE. No more counting in weeks, months or moments, we’re on to years here people! It’s been the most defining year of our lives and it was so wonderful to celebrate not only the achievement of our baby’s first birthday, but that we have kept him alive for a WHOLE year!

We didn’t choose to know the gender of our babe until we met our little one in person, although I (Kate) knew we were having a boy, it wasn’t official until he was born. So we called him Bearcub through pregnancy and still do! Since we probably only have his first birthday to pick the theme without his opinion, we chose a Bearcub theme, kinda woodsy, kinda camping, kinda summer hike meets winter flannel, because here in Syracuse, you just don’t know what day you’re going to get! Surprisingly, we got a warm, sunny, glorious day! We also had to have brunch, because, duh. Brunch. And a trail mix bar, because who doesn’t love an excuse for making trail mix exactly like they want it?! We “played” the Chinese First Birthday future-predicting game and all rejoiced when he picked the ping-pong paddle for a future in Athletics (will he wear an SU Orange or KS Jayhawks jersey?) Then he carefully smashed some amazing baby-friendly-cake (thank you Sweet Praxis!) — vanilla almond with maple buttercream frosting for the win! Together with our amazing friends, family and Zai’s little buddies, we celebrated well! With full hearts, here are some highlights:




Thanks for stopping by our home to hang out with us for a bit!

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