Redefining a brand can be a little tricky when it’s so close to the heart. Having an existing brand that’s beloved happens to be both a good thing and a toughy. The easy part is we knew what was working, especially because we both have loved our clients, and that’s the greatest result of having a brand work in your favor! But what about the couples to come? How do we speak their language? How do present something smart and savvy that actually captures this new concept of photography & design. We wish our big oak tree in our backyard had Benjamins falling from it this autumn, rather than leaves! We would have hired a branding team in a heartbeat! But still being a baby business run on grass-roots, built with our own elbow grease, and managed with equal parts hard work and prayer, we dove into creating our own LoveWell Weddings brand.


Inspired by the concepts of couples planning together, then making a home inside their new marriage, and building a life together deeply rooted in love, we centered our brand’s metaphors on trees. The home is still such an inspiration to us, so instead of using wedding photography for our visual inspiration, we used interior design. We found some words and phrases that clicked. Colors that made us really happy and that we found as a common denominator in our favorite weddings. We went on endless treasure hunts for fonts that spoke to us. We went through 22 different logos.

We knew we wanted a personal and meaningful touch, so we brought on one of our dear friends & colleagues Staci Bobbin to custom-make our signature and our tagline. (Aren’t you so in love?!) We went through 7 different branding design boards. I reconsidered all our fonts again and looked at hundreds more…. just to come back to the ones I loved in the first place. With Staci’s pieces, we put it all together, and there it was, a brand we love. We hope you do too!! Tell us what you think!



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