We just can’t believe it! Lucky number 7 year is here for LoveWell! While I (Kate) had hoped this day would come, I can’t say on June 14th 2010, that I thought this day would actually be here. I remember going in for our DBA, there was no line, there was no one with our […]

LoveWell Turns 7 Years Old!

That is the question! And truly a question worth finding the right answer for you and your wedding day. As we come into wedding season with our clients, we realize more and more how so much of the day’s plans hinge on this decision. We’re here to help! The First Look trend is no longer a […]

First Look or Not to First Look

So, no big deal, our kid is one. ONE. No more counting in weeks, months or moments, we’re on to years here people! It’s been the most defining year of our lives and it was so wonderful to celebrate not only the achievement of our baby’s first birthday, but that we have kept him alive […]

Our Isaiah Turns ONE! | A Bearcub Themed First Birthday Party

Although Dina & Joe’s Glenora Wine Cellars wedding day was gray and windy, that didn’t stop the warm glow of wedded bliss from making the day bright!  Throughout the day, the underlying theme was family – above all else: the flowers, logistics of the day, the weather, the cake, rings, anything – family came first, […]

Dina & Joe | Glenora Wine Cellars Wedding | Photography

Hi! This is Kate, the curlier-haired half of The Browns! I’ve owned a design-centered business in the wedding industry for almost 7 years now, and I still get very confused looks when I tell people what I do for a living. I suppose it may sound unusual, but isn’t “wedding designer” self-explanatory? Apparently not! (But that’s […]

Defining Wedding Design

Clark + Walker Studio

I had the pleasure of working with one of my favorite photographers, Sarah Collier of Taken by Sarah on this wonderful winter style shoot. She’s a film photographer and there’s just something that touches the soul differently about an image taken with film, can’t put my finger on it, but I love it! We had […]

Winter Glam StyleShoot | Photography by Taken by Sarah

Wedding Styling and Design LoveWell Weddings, Taken by Sarah Photography, Fingerlakes Wedding Style Photoshoot

Nachesca & Eric’s intimate nuptials stole our hearts. Their love story, their faith journey, their trying trials all wove together to make for a triumphant wedding day! It was an honor for us to capture dear friends on their wedding day, but more so, to witness the incredible moments and celebration of marriage they shared […]

Nachesca & Eric | The Highlights | Nostalgic Catskills Wedding

A couple years ago I was on the plane coming home from Scotland (put it on your bucket list, it’s a magical place) and digging deep into the depths of what I was doing with my life. I was secretly hoping it would be the last independent flight I would take before we started a […]

A New Chapter in Our Love Story

Redefining a brand can be a little tricky when it’s so close to the heart. Having an existing brand that’s beloved happens to be both a good thing and a toughy. The easy part is we knew what was working, especially because we both have loved our clients, and that’s the greatest result of having […]

The LoveWell Weddings Brand

When it all boils down to it, wedding planning should be easy, right? I mean, it’s only a matter of making (a massive amount of)decisions. So what makes wedding planning so complicated? Well, let’s be super real. Anything that holds high expectations, dreams becoming realities, lots of humans (with all of their opinions, emotions and agendas) and is […]

Engaged | Decision Making in the Wedding Planning Process