Well, hello!

it's so good to meet you

We’re Ty & Kate, a husband and wife duo specializing in fine wedding photography & event design. It’s good to meet you!

Formally known as Tyler Brown Studio & Lovewell Celebration Design, our heart for marriage finally took over our businesses, creating the one happy family of LoveWell Weddings. With a crazy amount of wedding experience, we’re excited to offer both separate and combined services to couple’s in the Central New York & Finger Lakes Region. You could say our weddings are hopelessly romantic, naturally inspired, carefully crafted, sentimental yet silly & have an innate sense of intimacy, no matter the size.

As unique as we are as a pair, we love how unique our clients are—their love inspires us to create wedding days reflective of the love, marriage and future they share.  Our clients have a few things in common: they love to do life together (and naturally collaborate on their wedding), they have a great sense of humor, they trust their wedding day will be amazing just because they’re getting married, and they trust us to create and execute a day that exceeds their wildest dreams.

At the heart of what makes us tick is marriage. We believe vibrant marriages make our world a better place, and what better way to start that lifelong journey than with a wedding worthy of your love?

The LoveWell Story

As a pair of lovebirds that planned their own wedding, we realized how important it was to have constant support and professional guidance through the process. We learned this as a result of not having enough! We also love where we live: the CNY area is rich with talent and beauty, and we wanted to contribute to its success. So we knew, with our love of service, our passion for the client’s experience and how fragile it can be to plan and execute a milestone event, there was a purpose for LoveWell. And when we thought about what we really wanted to do with our little lives for the short time we have here on earth, we wanted it to have an impact. Even if we only started with encouraging others to love well. We love because we were loved first. And He loves us so well.

Tyler Brown

Ty's first love of art came through the artistic discovery of music. With a Bachelor's in Music Business from Oklahoma City University, Tyler's first career in music formed the artist he is today.

Oklahoma City, New York City, and now Syracuse, NY, gave Ty access to creatively pursue music and music production while acting as the General Manager of a large national music store. As a businessman, Ty’s management, finance and media design skills bring a heightened level of expertise to LoveWell Weddings.

In 2011, in the midst of enjoying personal and professional recording projects, Sterling Productions began offering DJ'ing services (as his best excuse to work by his wife's side at weddings). While the DJ "gigs" were fun, the artist in Ty was unsatisfied. In 2011, Ty bought his first camera.

Discovering photography opened up a new and exciting adventure for Ty, allowing the creative, the techie, and the explorer to come to life all at once. After trying his hand at the camera on a few personal weddings and lifestyle photoshoots, with the encouragement of his clients and his doting wife, Ty launched Tyler Brown Studios. 

With his brilliant business skills, as well as his experience in sound and lighting equipment, audio design, music management and performance, and photography, he lends a valuable set of strengths to the wedding world. He loves being outdoors, spending time with his best pup CharlieParker and his best boy Isaiah, cheering on the KU Jayhawks and finding new adventures to keep life exciting.     

Kate Brown

With a B.F.A. in Musical Theater, Kate would have never imagined her first career as an actor would have led her to event design & planning! Much to her surprise, her honed craft in the theatre made for a perfect foundation to build a creative small business for memorable, beautiful and successful weddings.

After getting married, Ty & Kate decided to make Syracuse home, a city that had limited opportunity for professional theatre. Hopeful to find a career as satisfying, Kate began her event planning career as a corporate events project manager, quickly proving herself rather to be an asset in designing social functions like galas, anniversary/birthday parties, and you guessed it, weddings. The corporate side of event planning wasn't a fit for Kate, but the joy of celebrating marriage, helping clients with their stress levels during such an important time in their lives, and bringing visions to life for dream weddings, was a match. Why? This is where the story is told: through the finer details of what makes two people become one. Bringing to life color, texture, sentiment and style, Kate flourishes.

Kate continued her pursuit of wedding design & planning alongside the wildly talented and delicious Pure Catering and Events. The experience she gained working closely with the Pure Catering team and their encouragement to start her own business was invaluable. 

In 2010, with a hope and a prayer, Ty & Kate launched Lovewell Celebration Design. The next few seasons to come were a wonderful collaboration with Pure and the new & growing Lovewell.

Through the years, in addition to the 100+ special events she has designed & planned, Kate has enjoyed writing for the wedding world, as well as coaching engaged couples in their marriage planning journey. She founded The Lovewell Post in 2011 as an effort to bring visability to the talented and beautiful wedding world of Central New York. More recently, she joined the team at Reverie Gallery writing their wedding planning posts. Her weddings have been featured on Style Me Pretty, Reverie Gallery, WellWed NY, Wedding Chicks, Love & Lavender, DIY Bride and Melissa Hearts Weddings.  Locally, she has been engaged in Syracuse First's Buy Local Bash, the Near West Side Initiative, Dishes, leading worship with the super talented hubs at The Vineyard Syracuse, and is as active as possible in the local theater scene, with a special yearly endeavor of directing the Marcellus High School Musical. 

The newest chapter of LoveWell Weddings brings Kate the most joy and excitement, fulfilling a long-dreamed dream: to collaborate in every way with her favorite cohort, TylerBrown. Together, they hope to inspire couples to start the marriage with healthy confidence and a celebration worthy of their legacy of love. 

We believe that love can last a lifetime. We believe weddings are a momentous way to start a marriage, but that the journey of marriage only gets more magical from there. We believe marriages are given a greater fighting chance when couples join as a team in the wedding planning process, as each decision acts like a brick in the foundation on which to build a home for your marriage.

We believe marriage is a choice, one not made once, but one lived out and chosen every, single day. This kind of love can only last a lifetime with plenty of forgiveness, fidelity and fun in equal measures. We believe that a marriage built on the commitment of lasting love has the power to change us, and the world around us. We believe that strong, thriving and contented marriages in turn, create an environment for children to reach their fullest potential. We believe these marriages can change families, neighborhoods, societies, and ultimately generations, for the better.

We believe a deeply rooted marriage has superpowers.

We believe in the human heart. We know we are all a bit broken by the world we live in, but we have great faith that love always wins. We believe perfection is an ever-moving, unobtainable target, one unworthy of our aim. Yet there is a magnetic call to excellence that is undeniable and always obtainable, which gives us the ability to embrace both imperfections and perfected moments. We believe in the power of gratitude and the gift of grace, and we extend both at full capacity as much as humanly possible.

We believe in lazy Sundays, in soaking in sunsets and in never growing up (all the way). We believe in miracles and second chances. We believe that how we spend our time is how we spend our life, and it must be guarded wisely. We believe in belly laughs, big hugs and boundless joy. We believe that ice cream and kisses make everything better. We believe there is no place like home, and will always welcome you to ours. 

We believe that a lifetime of love is lived out one small decision at a time. We believe there is no better choice than to love. So choose each other every day, without exception or reservation, and soon those little decisions we make toward each other will give us a lifetime spent loving well and leaving those we love with its legacy.