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Welcome to our home! Our hope is that you'll come in, take off your coat and stay a while with us!

We're Ty & Kate, husband and wife duo, who love doing life, work and art together. Ty's the photographer, Kate's the event designer, and together, they like to make magic. Okay, not the 'fairy dust' kind of magic, the kind of magic that happens when two people who love each other madly come together to join their lives, and their families, as one. The kind of magic that makes memories stick to the soul and the sounds of celebration ring in your ears for decades to come. That kind.

Working together is our favorite, but we know not everyone will need the duo of design and photography. So, our services can also be commissioned seperately. We have lots of packages to meet your needs, as well as love stories to highlight what we do. {click on Portfolio, Blog or Services above to find out more!} 

Our heart is to create & capture a wedding day worthy of your love legacy- and have a whole lot of fun doing it together! 

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